I tested the Jet Suit and hovered like Iron Man!

Sam Hickmann
2 min readFeb 2, 2020

Jet packs were invented in 1919 but really started to fly at the end of the fifties. They were very hard to control and there range was very limited as they were relying only on hydrogen peroxide-powered engines.

With the new jet engines weighting about 5 pounds and producing 55 pounds of thrust, new generation of flying suits came around recently. One, created by a British gentleman named Richard Browning in 2016 really struck my attention because it was straight out from a Marvel movie.

The first time I saw him fly, in a video, I was determined to meet the man and to try his machine.
Being an adrenaline junky and a petrol head myself, I had to try the Jet Suit!

My dream finally came true last December in Los Angeles.

The jet suit is all 3D printed. It’s made of aluminium. 2 jet engines per arm and a bigger one in the back. Combined, they produce about 1,000 horsepower. Unlike the other jet packs, the Jet Suit is based on the principle of the tripod. You have 3 vectors of thrust, and you control the height with your arms.
If I had to compare the feeling, I would say that it’s close to indoor skydiving in a wind tunnel. After one day of testing I could barely hover, but I really saw the potential and I can’t wait to try again!

Here is the video:

A big thanks to the Gravity team and to Richard. You are awesome 🤘!

[update] Mark your calendar. Gravity Industries’ launches International Jet Suit Race Series with inaugural race in Bermuda on March 21, before taking the series to locations and audiences around the globe.